You ask,"Why Alan Bloom?" Well, the answer is simple. "Experience, 35 years of Experience." With all the new startup video companies coming to the market today the clients are confused.
   Remember, experience is what makes a great video production, as experience makes a great surgeon. Come and meet Alan and have a conversation with him, and you will see how an Experienced "videographer" operates. Ok, I am not a surgeon, but I have been practicing video production for 35 years. Need I say more?

                             "Our video sounds as good as it looks"

Alan's video will complement photographer's work, and he never gets in the way of the perfect shot. Alan is the inventor of the "Direct Wireless Audio Feed" which is the ability to connect to the DJ or band's sound system.  In a church setting he uses three wireless UHF microphones and the camera mic to capture the REAL sound. Alan uses a custom video cart he has designed. The finished video is available on Cinematic DVD. Book early and receive Alan's exclusive "Dance DVD" FREE. No other Videographer can offer this

Call Alan now and receive more information on special pricing for web clients or you can keep reading about us as you explore our website.
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    Video Productions

Thank you for coming to my website.

  I have received numerous  e-mails asking what is going on with the wedding video business.  Well, to answer all of your questions would take a couple of hours, but the bottom line is experience .  The first thing is because of our troubled economy there are a lot of new UNTRAINED videographers in the business, using standard consumer equipment and shooting handheld with no lights.  Second, these new videographers do not have back up equipment.   They do not have multiple wireless microphones either. 

  Our style is Documentary, and your video will look like exactly the way it actually happened.  Your video will be a production you can, and will want to, watch over and over again to re-live what happened on your special day.  This isn't a video filled with slowmotion, out of focus video, dubbed in music, constant zoom in and zoom outs, and 3 second clips of what took you a year to plan.  If you have a band, we show the band.

    The last concern is the price.  You can buy a video for $999 or a video for $4500.  We have kept our pricing at a reasonable rate, and in fact, the price has come down to help our customers in these troubled times.  Never is our price over $2500, and that includes everything you need for a well balanced video production.

   Please enjoy our web site, as you will find it very informative.  Please make us one of the preferred vendors of your special event. I have produced thousands of video productions in my career and have never had a complaint.

Thank you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Alan Bloom
Also available for Sweet 16 and Bar/Bat Mitzvah's

Blu-ray Technology
      Our professional 3-chip High Definition cameras record HD video of unsurpassed picture clarity with sharp, clean images. We employ state-of-the-art audio equipment to ensure high-quality sound recording. On top of our technical abilities, we are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create a wedding video in High Definition that truly reflects their aesthetic preferences.
       Please come to our Studio to view samples of our work to see the remarkable difference between High Definition video and regular video
Alan is pleased to announce our move to Marlboro, New Jersey
After 35 years in East Brunswick. We still serve the entire state of NJ and Staten Island.
We Include Photography as well as filming making.

Alan Bloom
Master of Digital Imaging